Taking "The Kids" Sightseeing in St. Louis


“The Kids” have been in St. Louis for a while but have never had the opportunity to do any sightseeing. Since the Deschutes Brewery team was in town for Base Camp Week, we decided to put on the sunscreen and take the camera out on the town to learn about a few famous landmarks that makes St. Louis so special.

Brewer Birdwell’s Blog on Malt Rooms & Mega Fans

As a brewer at Deschutes Brewery, I’m often amazed by the array of assignments a workweek can entail.

For example, a random sampling could reveal a day like this:

We descended into the malt room with apprehension and dust masks. How long was this going to take? It was time for a deep clean of our malt room, a three-story nightmare with décor part dungeon/part warehouse. Here, malt is stored and transported to different areas of the brewery which creates endless dust that settles on and saturates everything. No piece of machinery, wall or floor surface is spared from this seemingly permanent residue from brews past. This is basic grunt work, hands and knees floor scrubbing, vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, no degree or experience necessary. Yet it was a team effort with everyone pitching in from Brewmasters to interns. Four hours later we ran out of pizza and had funny coughs. This is part of being a brewer.

photo caption: Brewer Brent Baughman hates dust and Summer Shandy's

A random sampling could also reveal a day like this:

Deschutes Tasting

at Liquor Barrel in MN!
Tue, Jun 11
4 pm - 7 pm
Liquor Barrel
7890 Olson Memorial Hwy
Golden Valley, MN
Start your evening off right in early June enjoying some samples of Deschutes Brewery beer! We've got lots of year round and seasonal brews to try some come on out! You may wind up taking home a 6-pack of something truly special for that backyard BBQ! Cheers...

Brewing a Gose with Artisanal Oregon Salt

We have been making beer for 25 years but remain students of beer. That might be one of the more fulfilling parts of this job - the never ending learning, head scratching, ah-ha moments. It‘s the fact that creativity if a part of the job description. One would think that being in the business for so long we would have exhausted all styles and variations of styles out there, but just like millions of musicians can still create unique combinations of sounds with the notes available to them, so can our brewers invent their own styles, combine past and present, and resurrect recipes and make them their own. Such is the case with the Deschutes Gose.


Gose is a traditional German beer that belongs to the Berlinerweisse / Witbier family, and similarly takes a fair amount of wheat in the grist bill. It is lightly soured by Lactobacillus and uniquely spiced with coriander and salt. Sounds like a margarita beer, right? Why the heck did it take us so long to brew one?

Award Winning Beer Any Day, Any Where


Medals for five different beers and receiving "Best of Show" trophies for Mirror Pond Pale Ale and Obsidian Stout at the International Brewing Awards (which has been dubbed ‘the Oscars of the brewing industry’) is a great honor for all of us here at Deschutes Brewery. This year’s competition contained 953 beers from 199 different breweries in fifty different countries! Forty distinguished brewers from 17 different countries judging the beers makes this competition stand out from others.

Class of '88 Smoked Imperial Porter

Brewers of World Class Porters Collaborate

Deschutes Brewery's Cam O'Connor and Great Lakes Brewing Company's Mark Hunger talk about collaborating on the Class of '88 Imperial Smoked Porter to celebrate 25 years of brewing.

Chainbreaker Mountain Bike Race 2013

Ride the race, drink the beer: Chainbreaker!
Sat, May 11
11 am - 8 pm
Skyline Forest (race) & WebCyclery (post race)
550 SW Industrial Way
Bend, OR
(541) 318-6188
The Chainbreaker (our beer Chainbreaker White IPA was named after this race), which features cross-country racing for riders of various skill levels, typically attracts more than 300 mountain bikers from Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Northern California. It will be one of the largest mountain bike races in Oregon this year and it will allow riders to experience some of Bend’s best springtime riding. The course is laid out on private timberland west of Bend owned by Cascade Timberlands.

Taking "The Kids" Sightseeing in Washington D.C.


Once again we’ve set out with “The Kids” to do some sightseeing in a place they’ve never been: Washington D.C.

Not only is this city home to the President of the United States and some great craft beer, but the history here is rich with monuments, museums and statues galore.

Whole Foods Beer Tasting

Sample Deschutes beer while you shop!
Sat, Apr 27
1 pm - 4 pm
Whole Foods Market
2201 Preston Rd
Plano, TX
(323) 964-6800
We will be visiting the Plano Whole Foods Saturday afternoon to talk with fellow craft beer fans and provide samples of our award winning beers. No better way to shop then with beer samples. We hope you join us! Cheers!

Deschutes Tasting

at Saint Anthony Village Wine & Spirits
Sat, May 4
12 pm - 4 pm
Saint Anthony Village Wine & Spirits
2700 Highway 88
St. Anthony, MN
Spend your first Saturday afternoon in May enjoying some samples of Deschutes Brewery beer! We've got lots of year round and seasonal brews to try some come on out! You may wind up taking home a 6-pack of something truly special for that backyard BBQ! Cheers...
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