Foeder (FOOD-er) For Thought!


A foeder (pronounced FOOD-er) is really a large wooden vat used to age wine, but recently, many breweries like New Belgium Brewing, Epic Brewing Company, Crooked Stave and more have got a hold of them to age their sour beers and large amounts of it.

Here at Deschutes, our off-site barrel warehouse has been growing, and with over 3,000 barrels, it seemed natural to add some foeders into the mix. We've been collecting a few here and there but most recently, we had the opportunity to obtain this little 25 bbl french oak foeder made by Sequin Morreau and we're the only brewery in the WORLD to have this particular one.

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A Match Made in Malt, Hops and Cookie Dough!


Each and every year, Girl Scouts come to the brewery to get us signed up to help out their troops, and to receive some delicious bite-size morsels we all know as...Girl Scout Cookies! Then the idea came to mind: what if we paired these said cookies with our delicious beers? This could be a match made in malt, hops and cookie dough.

Storage Wars: How To Age Your Reserve Series Beer


Are you excited or what? You just found that Reserve Series beer you've been looking for and after purchasing this high ABV (alcohol by volume) 22 ounce bottle, you get home, look at the label, and notice that it says: "Best After" January 2016. You think to yourself: "WHAT?!?, I have to wait a year before I am able to drink this beer?" Then the internal conversation begins inside your own head, "Should I drink this now, or add it to my cellar?"

Spit or Swallow: Differences Between Tasting Beer & Wine


If you're reading this, it is either due to the suggestive title, or maybe you just really want to know the differences between tasting beer and still wine (wine without bubbles). As the saying goes, "it takes a lot of beer to make great wine." This is because after tasting high abv (alcohol by volume) wine all day, winemakers sometimes just want to drink a beer. The same may be said for brewers too. After making beer after beer, and tasting a sample from every batch, it may be nice to sit at the home at the end of the day and slowly sip on a glass of wine. Whether you prefer beer, wine or both, you may often wonder to yourself... "I know it's ok to swirl, sip and spit wine to taste it, but is that how to taste beer too?" Well, we did a bit of "research" and came up with some answers for you!

Portland Dining Month

Enjoy a 3-Course Meal for only $29.00 for the whole month of March!
Sun, Mar 1 - Tue, Mar 31
11 am - 11 pm
Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House
210 NW 11th Ave.
Portland, OR
(503) 296-4906
Join us the entire month of March as we proudly participate in the Portland Dine-Around! Choose from select options to enjoy a 3-course meal for only $29.

First course:
Bacon-wrapped rabbit mousseline with hazelnuts
Hopped lox with cucumber, crème fraÎche and sunchoke chips

Second course:
Flat iron steak with paprika fries
Bison burger with smoked pomegranate pork belly
Vegetable fettuccini

Third course:
Chocolate cheesecake

Beer Machines: A Steampunk Ode To The Craft Revolution

Industrial machines that dispense beer, live music, & beer!
Thu, Apr 16 - Fri, Apr 17
8 pm - 1 am
Pure Space
1315 NW Overton
Portland, OR

Join us for a memorable evening with a Beer-Dispensing Art Competition, Immersive Circus Theater and an array of Live Music! This year’s Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) is in our backyard so we're throwing a huge warehouse party full of surprises!


Thai Wings of Fire

Sub Title: 
Spicy and delicious!
Recipe Type: 
Pub Recipe


Thai Wings
12 chicken wings
1 C soy sauce
1 C olive oil
1½ C sesame oil
1/2 C crushed red chili flakes
1/8 C ground cumin seed
1/4 lb minced garlic
1/4 of a bunch cilantro, chopped
1/4 lb ginger, chopped
1 C lime juice
3/4 C creamy peanut butter
1/4 C sugar, granulated


Combine all ingredients in a 2 quart container and, using an immersion blender, mix the ingredients together thoroughly then toss with chicken wings in frying oil.

Buffalo Wings

Sub Title: 
Hot Wings and a beer...what a perfect combo!
Recipe Type: 
Pub Recipe


32 oz Franks Red Hot Sauce
4 oz butter
12 chicken wings
Bowl full of flour
Frying oil

Beer, Wings and Football


Beer, chicken wings, and football pair perfectly together, and with the "The Big Game" coming up this weekend, we thought it would be fun to do a Deschutes beer and wing pairing that you could mimic at home.

Everyone has their favorite wings and their favorite wing spot and these spots almost always have beer! When we asked Central Oregon fans on Facebook to list their wing favorites, the recommendations were far and wide from fried to baked and from regular Buffalo Hotwings, to Honey Cajun BBQ.

Red Chair Rally!

Ride the red chair at Mt. Bachelor & win!
Sun, Feb 8
10 am - 2:30 pm
Mt. Bachelor
13000 SW Century Drive
Bend, OR

Join the Deschutes crew up at Mt. Bachelor on February 8th for the RED CHAIR RALLY! The red chair lift will be open from 10am-2pm and during that time, find samples of the beer at the bottom of the lift & get some red chair raffle tickets from staff in "Where's Waldo?" hats to win swag galore & even be entered to win a snowboard. Raffle takes place at the Clearing Rock Bar at 2pm & a snowboard will be raffled off right at 2:30pm. We'll see you up there for a killer time! Cheers...

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