Kyle Hollingsworth Meet & Greet at the Portland Pub

As an avid homebrewer for many years, Kyle Hollingsworth, keyboardist of The String Cheese Incident, has long been a fan of microbrews and specialty beers and has found the perfect way to blend his love of brewing with his love for music.

Hop Trip Harvest & Brewing

It was Thursday, August 27th and there was cause for celebration at Deschutes Brewery. The previous day and well into the night we had brewed six batches of Hop Trip, a fresh hop pale ale. Things had gone flawlessly.

Mirror Mirror on the wall . . .

After a longer than anticipated wait, Mirror Mirror is, indeed, in the bottle and being dipped in black wax as I type and we even have photos to prove it. This first Reserve Series release of the year will be out in the market in just a couple of weeks.

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Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics, and Beer Taxes

As our country and state fall further into financial chaos, large gaps are left in state and federal budgets and our elected leaders are challenged for ways to deal with them.  Historically, they have turned to “so-called” Sin Taxes, taxes on tobacco and alcohol.  I won’t deal with tobacco here because while alcohol can be abused, when consumed per manufacturers instructions (moderately and responsibly), alcohol causes n

Ode to Beer

 Mirror Mirror on the wall what is the finest beer of all.

Could it be that Bachelor E.S.B. is the beer that is meant for me?

Or is Cascade Ale the top-notch brew, which is meant for me and you.

Or shall I seek Organic Green Lakes, the purest brew that Deschutes makes.

But then there is the flavor of Obsidian Stout, oh it is complex without a doubt.

And the bright hoppy finish from Inversion I.P.A, with soft caramel notes in layers lay.

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Happy Holidays from the Portland Pub

Holiday Obligations During the holiday season it is easy to feel scattered and overwhelmed. We may feel obligated to send cards, buy gifts, bake sweets, host parties, or give hostess gifts. But there is no need to feel any obligation when we commit to being our best selves as fully and sincerely as we can. Because then we are already giving the best and most precious gift we have to offer: our presence.

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The Economy of Beer

I can’t tell you how many people have suggested to me lately that beer is “recession proof”, half tongue-in-cheek, but half seriously.  They refer, of course, to the Depression-era analogy of people drowning their sorrows in alcohol as a way to escape the desperate situation they are in.  I try to explain to them that situation does not exist, certainly not with beer.  Even more so with craft beer.  However, the craft beer segment of the indu

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The Dissident, An Insider’s View from the Portland Pub

After all of the phone calls, drop ins and questions like, “Is it in today?” Deschutes Brewery’s the dissident release finally arrived!Immediately when the doors opened to the Portland pub this Wednesday at 11 am, people started rushing in to get their bounty of READ MORE »

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