Pub Recipes

A tasty plate and a great pint is a match made in heaven. Our chefs find that together they can be even more beguiling than apart. Here are a few of their favorites.

Beer makes everything taste better, even mac & cheese!
The best dessert you've ever had!
For that veggie lover in you!
Cheesy goodness in a dish!
Did you know our brewery pretzels were made with Inversion IPA?
Great side dish to any burger or sandwich!
Wondering what to do with that buck you where lucky enough to take this fall, we can help!
Tasty treats for your furry friends!
Use leftover grain from brewing to make these delicious morsels!
This is a sausage recipe that almost anyone can create at home!
Prawns with attitude!
It's chicken time!
A must have at our pub!
Spicy and delicious!
A great holiday dish!!
The perfect meal to warm your belly!
A great BBQ dish inspired by the Greek preparation of Souvlaaki!