Pub Recipes

A tasty plate and a great pint is a match made in heaven. Our chefs find that together they can be even more beguiling than apart. Here are a few of their favorites.

Perfect for breakfast or dessert
Warm your heart with Jubelale and your belly with chili
It's time for some fall festive cooking with Jubelale!
A festive meal for the holidays
Taking tots to a whole new level
Sloppy Joes with attitude!
Great for Shrimp Lovers Everywhere!
A favorite appetizer at our pubs
Cool, crisp and healthy!
For that seafood lover in your life!
A Deschutes Twist on an All-American Favorite
Surprise her with these tasty treats!
Perfect for that chocolate lover in your life!
Beer makes everything taste better, even mac & cheese!
The best dessert you've ever had!
For that veggie lover in you!
Cheesy goodness in a dish!