Pub Recipes

A tasty plate and a great pint is a match made in heaven. Our chefs find that together they can be even more beguiling than apart. Here are a few of their favorites.

Corned Beef Recipe (not just for bachelors)
Beer, Bacon & Cheese Soup? Sign Us Up!
BBQ Baby Back Ribs with Black Butte Porter BBQ Sauce
A citrus burst for your prawns!
Great for that beer & cheese fan!
Beer is not just for lunch & dinner anymore...
Your brunch is not complete without 'em!
Delicious comfort food...
A full-of-flavor (and porter!) chicken salad
Messy, but oooh sooo good!
Spice up your life a bit!
Stuff that Turkey with a beer-inspired stuffing this year!
The coast, the farm, and the mountains all in one: clams, bacon, and Black Butte Porter!
Spicy pub mustard you can make at home
A twist on Mom's meatloaf
Hot Wings and a beer...what a perfect combo!