Eastern Oregon bliss by photographer Annie Beedy

Smith Rock Annie Beedy Deschutes Brewery

These photos of Smith Rock State Park in Central Oregon are from photographer Annie Beedy's web site Mim and Honey. Go there to see more of her wonderful work and images.

Palestinian students invent a new cane for the blind

Three students and their science teacher use technology to inven

Grove bamboo iPhone covers - made in oregon

These environmentally friendly cases are made in Portland, Oregon by Grove. Here's what they have to say:

Our products are 100% designed and made by us in Portland, Oregon USA. We utilize sustainable materials, natural finishes, and responsible packaging. We take pride in our process which is good for us and the planet. *FSC certified bamboo is used when available.*

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Eerie Glow: The Aurora Borealis and an adventurous spirit

Aurora Borealis Eerie Glow Wend Magazine NORTH

James Clear went to the end of the world to get this shot and says, “My camera didn’t respond very well to such conditions (I went through 12 batteries that night!) and it was a struggle to have everything working when the Aurora started up. In the end, it was all worth it for this shot.” For his efforts James won a pair of Ahnu shoes as part of the Adventure to Dominica contest.

The World Cup brought to you by Bono and the Band

We here at Bravely Done were wondering..is th

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Liz Haley - Same Sphere: never meeting art opening at Pushdot Gallery

Liz Haley Pushdot Gallery Art Bravely Done

Liz Haley

SAME SPHERE: never meeting 1st Friday Reception: May 7th, 6-9pm

Friday May 7th through Friday May 28th, 2010

Pushdot Gallery Portland READ MORE »

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Spike Jonze unleashes air dancers

Spike Jonze presented “You & Me on La Cienega” at a BBQ at Opening Ceremony in West Hollywood. The director and producer of such wonderful movies as Being John Malkovich and Where The Wild Things Are, arrived to showcase his new installation, which featured three “air dancers” rising over a large crowd of OC regulars, musicians and artists in the store’s adjoining parking lot space in West Hollywood.

My Belly Screamed No Dessert. . .

Deschutes Brewery’s Third Annual Chocolate Beer Dinner was an event I won’t soon be forgetting. The five course meal, created by Chefs Katrina Spatrisano, Matt Neltner and Jeff Latino, was thoughtfully prepared and presented to the diner like an edible masterpiece. Equal thanks must go to Brewers Paul Arney and Jimmy Seifrit, as the beer pairing with each course was innovative, balanced, and unlike anything I had ever tasted.

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