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Seattle Base Camp Week Event Line-Up

Seattle Base Camp Week We are bringing our Base Camp campaign back to Seattle for an amazing week of specialty beer tastings, beer and food pairings, and appearances by Woody, the giant beer barrel on wheels. Deschutes Brewery ambassadors and fanatics will be on hand to provide some in-the-trenches insight into our courageously crafted brews at the following events:

Mike's Angle

Extended Summer

We had a slow start to the summer in Bend this year, but I believe I’ve figured out a way to extend it for a couple more months (those of you who live in Phoenix may not want to hear this). It’s a calendar thing. In our little microclimate of Bend we have summer during the 7th and 8th months of the year (July and August). Here we define “summer” as a period of time where the chances of your plants freezing are generally below 50%. Summer’s a funny word isn’t it? Say it a few times out loud: summer, summer, summer.

Introducing The Stoic, Our Belgian-Style Quad

Deschutes Brewery’s newest enterprise, The Stoic, a Belgian-style Quadruple, has finally arrived! Its five year odyssey from experimental beer to coveted Reserve Series eminence is complete. The finest Belgian brewing philosophies have inspired this contribution to the American Quadruple scene, mingling the four virtues of compelling ingredients, nuanced flavor, sound body, and a composed harmony. The Stoic requires discovery of the truth of the matter.

Check Out This Year's Street Fare Line Up

Street Fare

We are really getting excited for our 2nd annual Street Fare coming up next Thursday. Have you seen the amazing list of Portland food carts and indie bands that we were able to recruit? And all for a good cause! Proceeds benefit Morrison Child and Family Services and the entry fee is only $10, which includes your 1st food & beer taster or a full 16oz beer!

Deschutes. Bravely Done.

We were recently asked where did "Bravely Done" come from. Well, it’s many things. A call to arms. A pat on the back. A summary of each beer. A salute to every explorer. True to where we’ve been. A yardstick by which to measure any new venture. The message, to all in the Deschutes family, is simple: If it’s not challenging, game-changing, unexpected, don’t do it. Further, it’s more about how we are than what we say.

Brewers Collaborate to Create White IPA

A Convergence of Groundbreaking Genius

Rarely do two rivers converge in nature without some degree of turbulence. Fortunately, for everyone with taste buds, two esteemed brewmasters have pioneered a never-before-seen style with practiced composure and sure vision. Conflux No.

Swirling... Sniffing... But No Swishing Allowed

I sat down recently with Amanda Benson, Deschutes Brewery’s Sensei of Sensory Satisfaction (thank you Geof Hasegawa, Mastermind of Keg Movement). We talked about all things tasting. I had no idea how much fun the ritual of tasting could be. I also had no idea how much there is to talk about (I thought we were tasting!). Swirling. Sniffing. But no swishing allowed. I learned that beer tastings with friends are the perfect setting to determine who spends too much time at the movies eating buttered popcorn and who ate wet cardboard as a nutritional supplement in first grade.

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Win a Trip to Base Camp!

Thanks to our friends over at Draft Magazine, you can enter to win a trip to one of our Base Camp Weeks in Portland, Seattle or Denver. What is Base Camp you may ask? It’s a place where Deschutes offers beer fanatics a spot to “pitch a tent” of sorts – and find their footing with the cornerstone of Mirror Pond Pale Ale.

Grand National Champion

We were happy to hear over the 4th of July weekend that we were named Grand National Champion at the United States Open Beer Championships by winning three gold and five silver medals. We are honored to win this award for the second time in three years and congratulate all of our fellow brewers who also brought home the hardware.

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