Umpqua River Adventure

North Riding the North Umpqua Trail is one wild and scenic experience. Every section offers amazing river side single track with steep climbs, technical terrain and spectacular scenery. Since there’s no easy way to link the sections together without a good deal of shuttling cars back and forth, it was a no-brainer to take up Cog Wild’s offer to join them for an epic weekend of mountain biking.

Not only did they drop us off at the trailhead and lead the way each day, but they were always there at the end of the ride with a cooler full of cold, refreshing bottles of Chainbreaker White IPA that quenched our thirst like nothing else could.


And that’s what we love about craft beer. It’s the ultimate reward at the end of any adventure. So, to the tireless guides and good folks that conquered the trail with us this weekend, Bravely Done!

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