Lifejackets & Libations...

Raft the Rogue River with NW Rafting Co. & Deschutes Brewery Brewer & Barrelmaster, Jake Harper!!!

Just as barrelmaster, Jake, steps out of the box everyday when he uses French Oak, Rye Whiskey, & Bourban Barrels in the brewing process, you too should try something bold this summer. Step out of the comfort of everyday life and join us on a rafting trip of a lifelime. You won't be disappointed. Cruise down the wild and scenic Rogue River located in southern Oregon and then end each day with a special Deschutes beer in hand. Jake will be there to talk about the brewing process, answer any questions you may have or just sit back and relax with you after an exhilerating day on the river. You'll also get to try tasty food creations provided by NW Rafting Co. that pair wonderfully with Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale, Hop in the Dark and the limited edition Black Butte XXIII. It will be an experience that lasts a lifetime..."Bravely Done!"

Space is limited to 20 participants and with such great beer on board, we expect it to fill quicker than a pint glass. Click here for more information from our "Events" listing or go to for reservations!

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