Pickathon Indie Roots Music Festival 2010

Pickathon Music Festival Portland

Well kids, we're not sure that the Pickathon Indie Roots Music Festival is quite the right title for what is an extraordinary, and a simply riotous collection of some of the best independent music artists around. Yes 'Roots' is in the title, but don't go letting your mind pigeonhole the festival as some kind of dusty hoedown, hootenanny, shit-kicking dust fest - well, that is part of it - but when you consider the lineup this year you'll have to broaden your mind of what "Roots" might encompass.

This looks to us here at Bravely Done like the best independent music festival lineup in the Northwest this year, with truly independent musicians and indie music lovers spending a 3 day weekend in August in the fields of Pendarvis Farm, just outside Portland, Oregon. Some weekend discount tickets and early Thursday tickets are still available, but the festival is selling out fast. I'll see you there...

Here's but a handful of the top bands playing this year:

Pickathon Bonnie Prince Billy, Dr Dog, Heartless Bastards

Full lineup here

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