Abby Sunderland sixteen year old round the world sailor found alive

Abby Sunderland Sailor Found Alive

16 year old Abby Sunderland is attempting to be the world's youngest person to sail solo around the globe. A couple of days ago she lost contact with her handlers as she was battling rough seas in the Indian Ocean and it was feared that her boat, Wild Eyes, had capsized, as a transmitter on her wet suit was activated suggesting she had fallen overboard. Today it was announced that she's been found alive!

Abby's parents, Laurence and Marianne Sunderland, posted on their daughters blog at 11:27 p.m. Thursday:

"We have just heard from the Australian Search and Rescue. The plane arrived on the scene moments ago. Wild Eyes is upright but her rigging is down. The weather conditions are abating. Radio communication was made and Abby reports that she is fine! We don't know much else right now. The French fishing vessel that was diverted to her location will be there in a little over 24 hours. Where they will take her or how long it will take we don't know. More updates as news comes in.

Laurence & Marianne"

All we can say is that's great news...and Bravely Done Abby!

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