An exhibition of nineteen century hand-colored Japanese photographs - June show

The Ampersand Gallery & Bookshop, at 2916 NE Alberta Street, Portland, OR., has a June show featuring these amazing hand-colored Japanese photographs.

From their web site: Our June show features a selection of beautiful hand-colored albumen photographs from Japan, circa 1880s to 1890s. Depicting tradespeople, market scenes and women clothed in magnificent kimonos, these photographs would have been exported to the West in ornamented lacquer albums or brought back from Japan during a voyage around the world. For most people in the West, separated as they were by vast geographic distances, such photographs served as the only visual record of life in Japan. Looking at the photographs today, the separation is now temporal and yet the affect is still the same---the exquisite colors, unfamiliar scenes and subtle details capture the imagination as though we, too, have been aboard a steamer & are on a tour around the world.

And for the beer drinkers amongst you, they are having an outdoor film screening - We are collaborating with Tom Robinson for a night of Vintage Beer Commercials in our back courtyard on June 19

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