Bravely Done artist salute: Mount Eerie

Mount Eerie

It takes a certain kind of person to want to hole up in a cabin in Norway for the winter…ALONE. Surely, as plans were being laid, Phil Elverum (The sole member of The Microphones and Mount Eerie) must have known he’d step out into the spring thaw with a body of work unlike anything he had accomplished up to that point – no easy task with a Pitchfork album of the year under his belt (for 2001’s The Glow, Pt. 2). Our mantra around here is THE GREATER THE RISK, THE MORE SUBLIME THE REWARD and Phil’s latest, Wind’s Poem, is the perfect reflection of that. An album this powerful could not have been summoned had it not been for those dark months of isolation. Recorded under the Mount Eerie moniker in various locations around Phil’s hometown of Anacortes, Washington, the album may not be the Norwegian black metal opus that many were expecting but when the soft whisper of “Summons” explodes into “The Mouth of the Sky” it becomes clear that Phil was able to extract all the best elements of black metal, strip away the cartoonish bravado, and marry it to his already extensive canon of nature odes to come up with something wholly original.

Have your ears and mind blown open and then gently spread around the Backspace Gallery on Friday, September 18th when Mount Eerie performs as part of MFNW in Portland, Oregon.

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