Bravely Done artist salute: Jason Ricci & New Blood


“Openly Gay” bodes well for the guy. Gay or not gay, we could care less. It’s the “openly” part we especially dig. Open. Honest. Stand-up. Without a net. Hey, you can’t go through life walking on egg-shells. (What kind of bland, forgettable, lowest-common-denominator beer would we end up churning out that way?) Anyway, on to the real issue: music. He’s put in the time, paid the dues, and goes where his muse takes him, expectation be damned. A devout student of the traditional harmonica masters like Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson and George Smith, Ricci won the Muddy Waters Award for most promising new talent in 2006.

His latest “Done with the Devil” is an even greater expansion on an eclectic mix of Rock, Blues, Jazz, fusion, folk, funk, eastern, carnival, punk and jazz. It earned Ricci and company their second nomination for “Band of the Year” by Blues Wax Magazine. Listen and learn the details at Suffice it to say, this is band that does what it wants, when it wants, only playing music they feel on a deep level. Not that we need much of an excuse, but we’ll drink to that.

Independence in Art, Music, Beer and Life