Cheers For Summer Beers!


Ahhhh, summertime… picture yourself sitting back and relaxing outdoors in a lounge chair, hammock, or camping chair, while sipping on a nice, cool glass of beer!

What would be in your glass?

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Where's Woody?


Our much-beloved giant keg on wheels, Woody, is cruising across the country again this year. Woody recently had a complete makeover and he’s excited to show it off. He’s even more excited to share some of our damn tasty brews with you. Find out where he’ll be next by visiting and be sure to "friend" him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter & Instagram. Here are just a few of the places he’ll be making his gargantuan appearance over the next few months:

A Lager Drink and an Ale Experience: What’s the Difference?


To begin with, their stories start centuries before, in places far, far away.

Warriors once drank an ancient form of ale in mead halls, as was recorded 1,000 years ago in the legendary Anglo-Saxon poem, Beowulf. In the epic account, four different beverages were consumed, including ealu, or a drink made from grain. The current term ‘ale’ finds its roots in this word, ealu.

Donut and Beer Pairing?!?!


Donuts, Doughnuts or Dough Nuts... whichever way you spell 'em, it doesn't change the fact that these tasty puffs of sugary fried dough are amazing any time of year!

Street Pub Debut

The World's Biggest Pop-Up-Pub is born and heading to a town near you. Street Pub’s grand opening is also its final night, so make sure to be there for this one day only event! Philly, you're the first stop so we'll see you soon!

Stay Calm & Float On: Sediment In Craft Beer


About once a week, we speak with a beer fan who is concerned about the "floaties," flakes, or sediment they've found in their craft beer. "Is it bad?" "Will this make me sick?" and "this looks gross" are a few of the comments we read or hear.

In recent news, we've heard that craft beer fans want a beer to fuss over. Not only do you want a beer that is delicious, but you are interested in high quality ingredients, a wonderful aroma, and a beer with a beautiful look and color. As you pour your beer into the perfect glass, you see white flakes that you weren't expecting and some not so positive thoughts come to mind unless you've done some previous research about the subject.

Introducing Pinedrops IPA

Assistant Brewmaster Veronica Vega, Brand Ambassador Chad Hester, and Executive Chef Jeff Usinowicz, tell you everything you need to know about our newest year-round Bond Street Series release, Pinedrops IPA, now available in six-packs. We promise you'll be thirsty after watching this.

Feeling Gassy? CO2 vs Nitrogen in Beer


Let's talk gas. Beer has it...and it shows up visually in the form of bubbles.

When you order a pint at your local watering hole, it will most likely be served using CO2 or carbon dioxide. During fermentation, yeast in the tank/vessel eat sugars from the liquid (called wort or sweet barley tea) and naturally there are two bi-products from this process...alcohol and CO2. Before the beer goes from the fermentation vessels to a brite tank (where the beer settles before bottling), or directly to racking for kegging, it is often force carbonated to give the beer fizz, flavors and aromas.

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Foeder (FOOD-er) For Thought!


A foeder (pronounced FOOD-er) is really a large wooden vat used to age wine, but recently, many breweries like New Belgium Brewing, Epic Brewing Company, Crooked Stave and more have got a hold of them to age their sour beers and large amounts of it.

Here at Deschutes, our off-site barrel warehouse has been growing, and with over 3,000 barrels, it seemed natural to add some foeders into the mix. We've been collecting a few here and there but most recently, we had the opportunity to obtain this little 25 bbl french oak foeder made by Sequin Morreau and we're the only brewery in the WORLD to have this particular one.

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Street Pub - Crafted for Community

We're super excited to announce that we're setting up shop in your town for one day! That's right, we're bringing our outdoor pub of epic proportions to each of the cities below for an all out block party. Crafted from reclaimed wood and steel, our Street Pub will be a one-stop-shop to try several of our beers – from the coveted Reserve Series rarities (think The Abyss) all the way to year-round favorites like Black Butte Porter and Mirror Pond Pale Ale. Pair those beers up with culinary creations from our Executive Chef, Jeff Usinowicz, and live local music – and you have a street party that’s truly “crafted for community.”

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