Five out of Five Mugs

Twilight Summer Ale
Five out of Five Mugs
Easy drinking yet hoppy, this 5% ABV pale ale is our kind of summer seasonal. The Amarillos, Cascades and Tettnangs come together with Deschutes’ hallmark hop perfection, busting with rich citrusy hop aromas and juicy, fruity flavors.

“Big, hoppy nose, lots of good hops in here,” said Marty Juliano. “This is great.”

“Beautiful bouquet of hops,” Tess Szamatulski agreed. “An excellent, well balanced beer. It’s great by itself, and it would be terrific with food.”

“I love that hoppy nose,” Ernie Adamo echoed. “This is delightful, a session beer with flavor. Not too floral, not too bitter, perfectly made. Like a baby IPA.”

“A little citrus, an orange note, then hops,” said Phil Simpson, “Very nice.”

“Lovely balance of hops and malt, a great sessionable ale,” added Gregg Glaser. “I could drink this every day.”

“My kind of summer beer,” Marty said. “nice nose, it’s flavorful, and it makes me want another one.”