Five out of Five Mugs

Hop Henge
Five out of Five Mugs
A big hoppy treat from Deschutes. Lush fruity nose, with a body that balances palate-cleansing grapefruity hops and a solid malt backbone. This is an accomplished Double IPA, as one would expect from the hopmasters of Bend.

“Ah, that’s a nice nose,” said taster emeritus Dr. Steve Victor. “There is a spiciness to the hops, this is fabulous.”

“Flowery hops, I like that better than pine or citrus,” said Ernie Adamo.

“Lively, fresh, fruit juicy hop aroma,” said Pete Reid.

“Beautiful!” exclaimed Robert Lachman. “Sweet malt and hops, and then hops throughout the flavor, but not too grapefruity. Fourteen mugs!”

“Lighter, brighter hop aroma, really pleasing,” said Tess Szamatulski. “That nose brings you in, and it doesn’t disappoint. In some of these high-IBU IPAs the hops are all in competition, here everything works together. And it’s very smooth, doesn’t drink 8.5%.”

“Delicious,” said Gregg Glaser. “Hops well blended, overall very well balanced. Dries out the palate just enough. That’s a good beer! Let’s finish this one.”

“Body is thick with hop resins, has a big cleansing grapefruit hop character, nicely balanced by all that sweet malt,” said Pete Reid.

“Tastes fresh,” said Phil Simpson. “Really nice. I like the little touch of sweetness at the end, it brings it back forward on the palate.”

“I like this a lot,” added Mark Szamatulski. “Lovely light color to it, and although I do like all the assertive hops, the best thing about it is how refreshing and well balanced it is.”