Five out of Five Mugs

Hop Henge
Five out of Five Mugs

Hop Henge started its life as an India Pale Ale, but this year it was bumped up to “Imperial IPA” status, with a hefty dose of additional hops.

"This one is lovely," said taster Tom Conti. "They got it just right."

It pours out a deep amber, with an appealing rocky head, and rich hop aroma wafting from the glass. “They sure dosed it with a lot of hops...[there’s] a lot of hop bitterness in the taste,” one taster observed.

In addition to the Imperial-level hopping, Hop Henge also boasts Imperial-level alcohol content, with 8.1% a.b.v.

This was the top-rated beer during its tasting session, and tasters had to dig deep for new superlatives to describe it. “This is a beautiful beer,” concluded taster Gregg Glaser. “Full of flavor and hops and malt and hops again.”

"Not for the timid,” said taster Robert Lachman.