Five out of Five Mugs

Hop in the Dark
Five out of Five Mugs
Hop in the Dark is typically Deschutes, in that it is perfect. It’s a beautiful 6.9% abv, 70 IBU Dark IPA, made with ideal ingredients, and masterfully balanced.

"Really nice hop nose, very complex, first you get the hops, then the dark grains, and everything marries together well," said Tess Szamatulski. "It makes me want to dive into this beer!"

"Wonderful citrusy hop nose," agreed taster Robert Lachman. "The Deschutes beers never disappoint. They know how to use hops properly."

"Floral nose, nice hops, and a little faint roasted malt, you can just sniff it out," said Greg Zannella. "And then there is roasted malt all over the flavor. I love this beer."

"Amazing nose, hops and roast and sweetness," said Gregg Glaser. "The nose is matched by the lovely flavor: rich malt and roast and hops."

"Yes, all that promise in the nose is delivered in the flavor," Tess agreed. "Aroma carries into the flavor perfectly, and does not disappoint, the mark of an excellent beer. Rich and malty flavor, maybe dark Munich malts? I don't like a lot of these IPAs, it's a matter of balance, but I like this. It's the best black IPA I've had, and certainly the most balanced one."

"Satisfying in every sip!" exclaimed Greg Zannella. “They don’t make a bad beer.”

"A sophisticated and well balanced ale," said Phil Simpson. "It's got a certain liveliness in the flavor, and a delicacy on the palate, not the heaviness of some."

“I love black IPAs, and I love this, it’s one of the absolute best,” said Pete Reid.

"This is a nice beer, done right," said Mark Szamatulski. "It’s good to drink. Has the kind of roasty flavor I like, and a great aftertaste."