Five out of Five Mugs

The Abyss
Five out of Five Mugs
This 11% a.b.v. imperial stout was aged in wood, and poured out roasty, woody and sweet. “Deschutes tends to do things well, and this is no exception,” said taster Gregg Glaser.

“The wood does not take over, and there is a good balance.” “I like the fact that it is roasty and woody, but not burnt,” said taster Lachman. “There might be too much roastiness up front, but the rest is great, very creamy and smooth.”

Tasters picked up a variety of rich flavors in this strong, complex stout.

There’s a lot of chocolate in this,” Tom Conti said. “And I’d never know it was 11% a.b.v.”

Taster Jack Kenney tasted graham cracker and brownies, and Mr. Glaser found molasses and licorice. One of the top beers of the evening.